Here at St Martin’s we regularly baptise people of all ages, children and adults, following Jesus’ command that those who believe in him should be baptised.

Baptism marks the beginning of a journey with Jesus that continues throughout our life, so it is a very important and serious undertaking. In it we respond to God’s love for us, by saying that we will follow him – we promise to turn away from all darkness and evil, and turn towards Jesus.

To find out more about Baptism and confirming your faith as an adult, visit the Church Of England’s website.

If you are interested in baptism for either yourself or your child, please do come and talk to us. Baptism preparation is usually arranged for those who are being baptised or, in the case of infants, for the Godparents and parents.
Baptisms usually take place as part of our 11.00am service on the first Sunday of the month. The service is a fairly informal service attended by all ages. If you have your child baptised at St Martin’s you are able to book one of our halls for free for a celebration afterwards.

There is no cost for a Baptism

If you wish to give thanks for the birth of your baby, a service of Thanksgiving may be appropriate and is readily available.

To discuss a baptism or thanksgiving service, please below