Our Vision

Our statement ‘To worship God, make disciples of Jesus, transform lives in our community through the Holy Spirit.’

Worship | Disciple | Transform

Our parish community
A place where all groups are working in unison to benefit the whole community.
To be a presence in schools and community groups that makes a positive impact on the staff, children, young people and their families.

Family Life
To be a loving community where we work together as a united Church family so that all are made to feel accepted, safe, wanted and cared for. Where all ages are integrated as a church family in worship. A place where young families are welcomed, nurtured and encouraged.

Evangelism and Healing
To be a shining beacon in the community, being attractive to people who are ‘broken’ and are looking for help, support, healing and understanding. A place where the broken are welcomed, made good to go again. A place where we are prepared to go out into the community, building relationships and taking the Gospel out.

Worship and Fun
All our worship services bringing us closer to God. That people would wake up excited to be coming to church (not just Sunday’s). A church full of bright colours, contemporary images, space and light. An environment that exudes energy and a vibrant life. A church where children want to come, rather than going to play football or go swimming etc.

Deepen Discipleship
That we would have the opportunity to nurture people at different stages in our Christian journeys. Growing disciples outside of physical church in our home group network.

A place of New Ideas; Creativity; Change
A church that works with other churches in the area to provide opportunities for all ages to worship God through combining resources, and stepping beyond our own comfort zones. A church where people embrace change and new ideas, and are frequently challenged not to fall back into their own comfort zone.