Solar Panels

We have installed 48 ground-mounted solar panels on part of the allotment land next to our community building complex. Installation took place in March 2023.

Follow this link for a YouTube of the installation

We are using the innovative Cornish Rocker system produced by Solar Frames Ltd. with panels and system installed by UPS Solar that allow the angle (i.e. tilt) of the panels to be adjusted manually (see above). In winter the panels are more vertical and in summer we’ll tilt them to be more horizontal. In spring and autumn they’ll be at intermediate positions. Adjusting the panels in this way will enable solar power generation to be maximised at different times of the year, when the sun is at different elevations in the sky. 

Our chosen system is estimated to generate around 16,000 kWh per year, which will significantly support our current annual usage.  Two 5.7KW Triple Power Lithium Ion batteries will help us further maximise the benefits of the solar power generation by storing it for usage outside daylight hours.

This project is important to us for the following reasons:

  • It will reduce our consumption of electricity from the grid
  • It will allow us to contribute green power to the grid when we have excess production 
  • It will help towards reduction in carbon emissions and the polluting by-products of fossil fuels
  • It will support all those using our facilities by helping to reduce our bills and to keep hiring costs affordable

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