As a church community, we are strongly committed to caring for the environment and using its resources wisely.  We believe that this is part of our responsibility to humankind (current and future) as well as our responsibility to God to look after His creation. We are a Bronze Eco-Church award winner.

This is what we’ve been working on and achieved so far:

Enhancing energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption

  • Replaced traditional bulbs with LED bulbs
  • Installation of 48 solar panels (Link to page with more details)
  • Notices to ask people to switch off lights when not in use

Reducing use of plastics and harmful chemicals

We are actively seeking to reduce our use of plastics and have so far taken the following steps:

  • Replaced small bottles of hand soap with soap dispensers which are re-filled from 5L bottles
  • Using 5L flagons to refill the various cleaning items e.g. hand sanitiser, surface cleaner, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner
  • Using wooden stirrers and forks in our coffee shop,
  • Wherever possible, using environmentally-friendly products that do not contain harmful chemicals 

Promoting recycling

  • Using toilet rolls made from recycled paper
  • Using paper hand towels made from recycled paper
  • Using black sacks made from recycled polythene
  • In our coffee shop, using compostable items whenever possible, e.g. take-out cups, lids, and straws.
  • Recycling in the admin office

Supporting biodiversity and growing our own

  • Encouraging insects and other wildlife through establishing log piles 
  • Use of our allotment to provide fresh local produce for our coffee shop
  • Planting pollinator flower species