2023 A year of Discipleship

At St Martin’s each year we have been working to a theme. Though we diverge at times from it the intension is to have it as a thread which speaks into all we do. Over the past years we have looked at Prayer, Mission, Mental Health and well-being. This year our focus is on discipleship.

Being a follower of Jesus doesnt have the same ring as it might have a few years ago. To be follower right now is easy, its the click of a mouse. Maybe we think Learner, or even better an apprentice (So long as you don’t immediately think of Alan Sugar – Jesus will not fire you)

On Sundays from January and beyond we look at Mark’s Gospel which has a particular emphasis, Jesus as the model disciples and his disciples who both fail and sometimes even get it right (a bit like us!). In teh evenings we have a series of Evening Worship services called Upper Room (6.30 each Sunday through January) and we are looking further into the year to seek ways to deepen our relationship with Jesus to become disciples who reflect who he is. That’s why our verse this year is … ‘

  • By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.’ John 13.35

I hope you can be part of this journey.